I have a few questions:

Who benefits from those conspiracy theories?

What is the positive outcome from it?

Does it kill

I, Coronus?

Does it kill greed and and selfishness?


Does it benefit the life and situation of the one who shares it on social media?

Every evening, as you,


are getting closer

to Easter,

I get to hear the rosaries.

However, they get on my Coronus nerves.

They sound like a lamenting of some sorts over the sick and the dying.

I swear I am not guilty.

Give to the Tsar what belongs to Caesar and the Kaiser!

I am more than happy to share my natural crown.

The plebs is crying over this pandemic...

I cannot endure this persecution any longer!

It will make me madder

and more despotic!

They might all conspire against me.

Who can I trust?

The Volga Bear?

Winnie The Pooh?

The Pussy Grabber?

The United King Dumb?

Who created me?

You ask me?

Who created you?

Who created who?

Should I change my name to Brute?

Alann De Vuyst


Hier een foto die werd geselecteerd van mijn kunstwerk uit 600 inzendingen voor een kunstboek met 130 poëten en kunstenaars op 300 blz. Het heet The Plague en werd uitgegeven in Iran.

Alann de Vuyst