Jessy Theo Rahman (1961 - Paramaribo, Suriname)

borrows his artist statement from an old Surinamese song: “oesi bari wo wo jo wo wo jo, a no bari wo wo jo wo wo jo” which, freely translated means “he bush is crying out in excitement, and indeed it is no ordinary sound.”

Born in the former Dutch colony, Rahman sees himself as a product of his mixed heritage formed by customs and manners of the plantation owners, slaves and contract workers who came from different parts of the world to Suriname.

Most of his playful interactions with audience, ranging from adults and children to animals and plant life, are based in this rich cultural background.

Rahman has extensive organizational experience with artists groups and international exchange projects. He is co-founder of Quartair, and has curated various shows in Quartair and other spaces in The Netherlands.

His experience abroad includes working periods in Suriname (1994, 1999 and 2008), India (1997), Brazil (2013) and USA (2014). Since 2004 he is member and co-curator at Nine Dragon Heads, International Environment Art and Performance Movement, that was founded in South Korea. He has exhibited in Austria, Germany, Belgium, England, France, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Korea, Sweden, Lithuania, New-Zealand Georgia, Canada and NYC.

Together with Quartair members, he participated in the ‘Nine Dragon Heads’ project “ump into the Unknown” a collateral event during the 56th Venice Biennale (2015)

Model Virus (corona virus)